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A Wide Range of Party Linens for Your Special Event

Linens are available in 90 colors, many sizes and fabrics to compliment your event.

We can assist you with color, fabric and sizing choices using your table dimensions. Small sampling of colors below.

Linen Color Options

Linen sizes include:
  • Banquet Linens
  • Round Linens
  • Square Linens
  • Napkins
  • Overlays
  • Table Runners
  • Full Drop - 90x132
  • Full Drop - 90x156
  • Chair Covers (Limited Colors)
  • Chair Sashes
  • Skirting

Fabrics include damask, poly, stripes, lace overlays, prints, and more.

For Barn, Rustic, or Country Weddings & Events, Faux Berlap is available in banquet and round linens, napkins, and table runners.

Use drop linens for your head table, buffet tables, etc. Use round or square linens as overlays for accents. A napkin placed under your centerpiece keeps your colors on your table and highlights your centerpiece.

Adding the Perfect Accent

Provide a touch of elegance to your head table and buffet tables by using drop linens. Also, square or round linens are ideal as overlay accents. A napkin placed under your centerpiece highlights it and keeps your colors on the table.

Table with Many Linens Red and Black Table Tan Table Blue and White Table